Hi there. *waves*

As we all know, blogging has for many years been a proper job for many many people. That is most definitely not my case, but I want to be very upfront about how I plan to run this blog, so here’s how things work in this little corner of the web:

Everything is my opinion. It probably doesn’t need explaining, but better leave here in black and white: everything I write is based in my own experiences and opinions. This includes eventual sponsored content, which brings us to the next item:

Everything is transparent. Affiliate links, paid for ads and any gifts that we may receive will be clearly marked as such. I am a member of affiliate programmes and I have a plugin to turn links into affiliate links, so if I forget to mark anything as affiliate, please know it is not intentional and, if you can, give me a shout so I can correct it.

This is not a reviews blog. I will occasionally review things we like, like our local pub or a new beauty product that I found though probably mostly food to be honest, but what I really want with this blog is to tell a story, the story of how we ended up here – literally and figuratively, so it will be very unlikely that I will post more than one review per week – but I am thinking more twice a month at most.

I might add more to this page in the future, so check again if you have any concerns.