A quick one

New year, new blog post. Yes, I am here, spurred by hate comments 💕 – but that’s ok, because one of my new year plans was to make blogging a priority for 2019. I have loads to write, just need to get into a routine of actually writing! So, a few bullet points just to get started, I suppose…

  • One year in Wales! It’s actually been 13 months now, but I really really need to write a post about it. Watch this space.
  • Not sure I like the new WordPress interface. Need to find out how to justify my posts, I get irrationally angry with other types of alignment.
  • Does one address hate comments? Well, more passive aggressive than hate, really, but I just wanted to say, in the name of honesty and blogging integrity that there has never been a sponsored post here. I wish there had! There are very occasional affiliate links, but apparently pointing it out at the bottom of the post (one line below that actual links) is dishonest. So I will start marking at the top, so people don’t waste their time reading reviews of products / services / trips that I paid for with my own money and had no input whatsoever – monetary or otherwise! – from the reviewed party 🙄 Also, can I just mention I made a grand total of £7 from this blog – thank you to everyone who bought meal boxes through my links, I love you!
  • I started learning Welsh on Duolingo. Wish me luck!
  • It’s job hunting season. Wish me double luck 🤣
  • I am missing my Christmas tree and all the lovely lights…

I could probably keep going but will not because no one reads long posts – or do they?

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