House search ~ another update!

So, last time, things were not going great. A few days after I wrote that, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to start viewing anything and everything within budget and location. Then, a few days after that, another house came on the market in the village – brilliant, I thought. At this point, there were 4 houses for sale in the village within our budget (and one that is the lottery win buy), but 2 are cottagey and not really my cup of architectural tea.

So, I booked the other two: the one I mentioned in the other post and the recently posted one. The latter (house #1) had the most wonderful garden with sea views (I didn’t even know you could see the sea from the village! I have since noticed you can see it from the road too, I hadn’t noticed before because I was always driving and obviously had eyes on the road), but because of all the land it came with, it was at the top top top of our budget if we stretched it a little bit (you get the idea!) and the house it came with was not that great. I was mentally extending and knocking down walls as I walked through it and, unfortunately, we wouldn’t have the money to buy the house and improve it. So that was a no.

The other one (house #2) was a different matter: we really really liked the space. The photos on the website don’t do it justice at all, it’s very spacious and bright – though it could do with being reconfigured. But the price! We are sort of ok with the price but, like I said, it has been on the market for a long time with no price changes. I am not sure what to think, really.

We also viewed a bungalow (house #3) just by the sea a couple of villages down the road – but it needs too much work – and the David Wilson new build (house #4) I mentioned on the previous post. To eat my words a little bit, husband really likes it as a space but everyone loves show homes, don’t they? They are made to be loved. They are warm, they are bright, they smell nice. We then visited one of their other type of houses on site and, to be honest, I felt a bit sorry for the neighbour on the back, who (potentially) paid £500k for their house only to have their garden and kitchen massively overlooked. I hope they got a nice discount. The one husband likes have views to open fields to the front and is apparently very nice, so who know, we might be visiting again.

We are viewing house #2 again tomorrow and had pretty much decided it was a toss up between 2 and 4 when, yesterday, another house (#5) came on the market. It is literally 5 doors down from us and every time I go past I think “what a gorgeous house!” but (and it’s a big but!) they bought it last year, haven’t done anything to it which I know because I have been stalking the house market in this area since 2014 and are now trying to sell it for £40k more than they bought it for. It is, again, at the top top top of our budget and I could certainly live with it as it is, but I would be itching to rip carpets out (I hate carpets) and knock down walls, so I don’t know. We are viewing it on Monday, if only to rule it out (or possibly replace #4 as possible contender).

So, basically, this is the situation now: choosing between what is available. I have to confess I have already mentally moved to house #2 – if you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen all the floor samples I have got for a house that isn’t mine (and I haven’t even made an offer on yet!). I promise I am not crazy! 😀

Watch this space next week to see what happens in the next chapter!

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