Schedule for the week – 21 to 27th May

It’s been a mostly unproductive couple of weeks, with my monthly cold being slightly worse than previously. Maybe I need to see a doctor about it – the fact that I am getting them very often rather than it’s taken a bit longer to shift this time. The weekend, however, was quite good considering I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Zuma and watching Pointless.

I finally painted the inside of my front door, installed the landing light that arrived yesterday and started painting the family bathroom. I have done behind the towel heater radiator, which is the most painful bit, and just need to do the rest now – should still finish today as more than half of it is tiled. Husband is busy with the garden, which deserves a whole post on its own, but he is making great progress.

Now here the essential tasks schedule for this week:

  • Find a self storage place and reserve a spot for next weekend
  • Find a window/glass person to replace the smashed pane in the kitchen
  • Try to fix my conservatory blinds
  • Test sugar soap on the white walls to see if we can get away with not painting them

Now, I promise I am not being lazy, but I am a bit worried that if I start painting the stairs wall, it won’t look right. I am not terribly tall and I don’t think I could use a ladder on the stairs, since I don’t have the appropriate equipment. I could probably get away with a pole but then, the ceiling. So I am really hoping the sugar soap will do the job. It’s only a couple of walls anyway, so fingers crossed.

We also need to decide the destiny of our old microwave, which husband wanted to return to Panasonic when it stopped working after 18 months of use, but has been sitting in our kitchen floor for a bit longer than that.

Two weeks until we get the estate agents in. Starting to feel nervous (and very real).

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