Dream house of the week

I have always like to have a regular theme going on on Fridays and I thought it would be fun to have a Dream Houses here. These will be houses we love but that, for whatever reason generally money, we can’t have.

I will soon write a post about our wishlist – possibly tomorrow! – but if you pay close attention to the houses I will post here, you could probably guess 🙂

The first one is this lovely, lovely house in Cardiff. I think this will be one of the rare cases where a house is actually within budget, but unfortunately someone was faster than us. To be honest, we don’t really want to live in Cardiff, as we are trying to run away from the commute, but this house made my heart beat a bit faster.

It has five bedrooms and high ceilings and lovely tiles and beautiful fireplaces. The only thing is was not keen on was the garden, but I could totally have lived with that. I wish the lucky buyers a wonderful life in their wonderful new house!

** The images on this post have been pinched from Zoopla, where I spend far too much time.

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