London Bucket List

This a list of things I would like to see and do before we move away from London – though we don’t live in London, it’s most definitely close enough to just be there in 30-40 minutes. I have done some of these by myself, but would like to do as a family, some I haven’t yet. As we accomplish them, they will be crossed from the list – I might post our experiences as they happen 🙂

  1. Tower of London
  2. St Paul’s Cathedral
  3. Westminster Abbey
  4. Oranges and Lemons tour*
  5. London Eye
  6. London Aquarium
  7. Duck tour
  8. Open top bus tour
  9. National Gallery
  10. Serpentine Pavilion
  11. Sky Garden
  12. Greenwich observatory
  13. Houses of the Parliament tour
  14. Ride the carrousel at Southbank
  15. British Museum
  16. London zoo

Daughter really fancies Madame Tussauds, but I really don’t, so might be sending husband on his own for that one.

I will add more as I remember the things I never got around to doing – watch this space.

* I am fascinated by the nursery rhyme and I love, love, love churches (sacred architecture, if I have to be pedantic, haha), so I have been planning to do a tour of the churches in the rhyme for years now. Will this be the year?