Shopping Haul! ~ L’Occitane

I will start by explaining this is an anomaly. I am not into shopping at all – so if shopping hauls are not your thing, don’t despair, as it is highly unlikely I will have another one for a while unless I go to IKEA.

This is actually an anomaly in two senses: I am not a shopper and I don’t really buy cosmetics apart from the very very basic stuff.

It all began in late November. I was fed up of house buying-house selling, our seller had just pulled out, stress levels were on an all-time high. So I decided to treat myself to one of these adult advent calendars filled with fancy stuff I would never have ventured into a shop to search for myself. All the really expensive fancy ones were already sold out, but – as I probably gathered by now – I am not fancy, so I had my eye on either the Body Shop one or the L’Occitane one. Years of online shopping have killed my ability to interact with shop assistants, so I initially just hovered outside both shops, trying to decide in which shop I would be less likely to be embarrassed by my lack of social skills. Eventually, I decided that L’Occitane smelt slightly better so in I went.

I needn’t had worried – the ladies were wonderful – high five to the staff at L’Occitane shop in Windsor! -, went out of their way to help and the packaging – oh my word! -: it was like the Rowan Atkinson scene in Love Actually minus Alan Rickman’s annoyance, tissue paper, perfume, confetti. It made me feel a little bit special, buying that for me, during such a difficult time.

Then December came and every day I was surprised with this little windows of joy. I loved everything and, before the month ended, I had already been to the Cardiff store to get a full sized almond hand cream. I then got a 20% off voucher, to be used within 30 days.

Fast forward to last week. January’s end is in sight and my mini products from the advent calendar are slowly ending *sniff!* I remembered the voucher that still lived inside my bag and decided to treat myself again. So this is what I got:

Ha, I don’t think I had mentioned this was online shopping. Yes, this is the box the postie brought me. Beautifully packaged, though the box was a bit too big for the contents, which are:

  1. Foot cream: I have been using this after my shower before I go to bed and my feet feel lovely (but you will have to believe me, no one wants a picture of my feet!). I am normally a bare-footer and have quite thick skin, I feel like all the dry bit have gone really quick. And my 8 year old loves it too, so it thought I would give the full sized one a try.
  2. Shampoo and conditioner: I have curly, curly hair and these make my hair so soft. It helped massively with the frizz – though it might have been Wales’ such softer water, who know! – so I splashed for the biggest size available. Plus I like the idea of being able to buy a refill.
  3. Lip balm: I really really liked the lip balm from the advent calendar, but I saw these little tins and, the price being the same, I picked the prettiest one. I was a little bit disappointed when I opened because I didn’t ready it properly – it’s rose scented, not rose tinted. But I love shea butter and this is really great for these windy days we have been having.

I am really happy with my buys, and even if I wouldn’t normally spend this sort of money on myself, I think it was worth it – I will update you if I change my mind! Now, let me know what are your beauty must-buys here on the comments! 🙂