Hello Fresh and Gousto ~ an update


Hi everyone – I know it’s been a while so I am going to just skip the excuses and just go straight to point today 🤣 For the past few months, the most popular post has been the Hello Fresh vs Gousto (and I can see why!) so I thought, a few months down the line, I would give you an update on how I got on with the food boxes.

First, I have to confess I only had one more Hello Fresh box since then. We had a delivery shambles (not Hello Fresh’s fault) so I was a bit weary of trying them again. But it was half term and there was nothing on Gousto that took my fancy so I thought I would use the credit they gave me to make up for the delivery disaster. The good news is that they now do family boxes for 3 people 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 The bad news is that they send you most of the stuff for 4 people and you need to use 3/4. I am not sure I am happy with that.

I did use Gousto a lot more, and I am not sure I am happy that Hello Fresh has different, very small selection of recipes for the family boxes. I like that with Gousto you can just choose from the whole selection. We also did try the Gousto box for 2 people and it is just right for the 3 of us, sometimes with enough for husband’s lunch next day (I’m looking at you, shepherd’s pie!), but most often then not it wouldn’t. I would love for them to have a 3 people box but not if it means me having leftover stuff to be honest.

So, for now, we alternate between doing the food shop and the getting Gousto boxes – when I get bored of one I go back to the other. I might revisit Hello Fresh when I get bored of the other two, ha!

As per my other post, I have voucher codes to share: If you would like to give Gousto a try, click here. And if you’d like to try Hello Fresh, there’s a code for that too. You get £20 off your first box and I get a £20 credit.

(This post contains affiliate links. I get a small commission for every Gousto box that you buy through this blog.)

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