Five loves ~ August

*Slowly tiptoes into the room and hopes no one has noticed she was gone for so long*

Errr, hello 😀 There’s a long explanation as to why I wasn’t here for so long, but I will need a whole blog post for that, so for now I am just going to pretend I have been here all along and no noticed I was gone *realises no one noticed anyway because no one reads blog*.

August was a fabulous month. Ok, weather was crap and my car broke down (in the middle of the M4, thank you old bangers’ god!), but it was still wonderful: all about family and holidays and castles, lots of castles. Here are my five favourite things of last month:

1. Family!

Family is always number one in our house anyway, but my mum and sister spent almost the whole of August with us, making it extra special. Mind you, now they don’t believe there’s good weather in Wales and that we just think 18º and a ridiculous amount of wind is what we mean by “Summer”, but it was still wonderful and amazing and special.

2. Staycation

I am not sure I am fan of the term, but I can’t find a better way to describe the fact that we went nowhere but still had an amazing time. We went to Cardiff (a lot), Swansea and loads of castles – unfortunately not much beach weather. Expect loads of posts about the places we visited!

3. Plants, lots of plants

I have to say that I don’t if it’s the urge the fill the new house with colour or the fact that my professional instagram account is filled with people with lots of greenery in their house and I was subconsciously influenced, but the fact is that I can’t go out with coming back with plants. I spend the best part of August picking out plants at B&Q, Homebase, Lidl, Asda, even Tesco, which is a supermarket I don’t normally go to. My beautiful rose plant, whose flowers were savagely eaten by a herd of sheep earlier this summer, is in bloom again and looking beautiful. And I think I still need more. Send help.

4. Marks and Spencer

This should probably be a topic for ‘Things I miss from Berkshire’, but we used to have a M&S food hall only shop very very near to our old old house. So we had loads of pizza, dine in for £10 (looks like it’s £12 now!), cookies and other delicious food from there. But now the closest is in Talbot Green 😭 and I have very little desire to drive 17 miles for ready meals. However, we spent so much time in Cardiff this August – not to mention service stations! – that we had our fix of biscuits and expensive – but delicious – treats.

5. Museums

Again, another topic that will probably need to be explored over several posts, but because of the weather we ended up in several museums and we loved it! The little monster loved the National Museum in Cardiff so much, she wanted to go back the next day.

Now mum and sister have gone home and the school year has started, I can tuck into work and see if I can get this business thing off the ground! Wish me luck 🙂

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