Five loves ~ February

I know. I know I am late. Half term makes everything late, right? And my website took a lot longer than I expected to be ready (and it’s still not 100% there but it’s now live and you can view it here – recommendations appreciated 😀 ) but here I am!

Last month – well, January – I wrote about going back to normality, this month was all about work. I worked really hard to take everything that was in my head and turn it into reality. Now I just need to get actual paid work out of it, but that’s for March to sort out. So, here’s what February brought us:

1. Adobe Illustrator + my Wacom tablet

Like I said, work. I needed a logo for my new business. I didn’t like any of the pre-made stuff I found – everything seemed very generic and I wanted something me. I unfortunately have zero money to pay a proper designer to do it. So I got myself on YouTube, bought myself a little graphics tablet and used the trial version of Illustrator to create my logo and a few of the graphics on my website. Now, I am not saying I am a professional graphic designer – I am very much not! – but I achieved what I was imagining, so I am really pleased with myself.

2. Beach day!

I know I have already mentioned the beach last month and I suspect the beach will feature very, very often on these lists. On half term, the weather was beautiful and we drove down to the beach, but so did everyone else. We didn’t have change for the car park at the top of the cliff – a fiver! – so we drove back home and braved the muddy path through the fields. Took us about 30 minutes and it was oh. so. worth it. By the time we got to the seaside we were peeling off coats, as it was a scorching 11ºC and daughter even ventured into the sea (some boys were wearing shorts, we are not that Welsh yet). We also went up to the castle ruins up the cliff and she said it was the best day of her life. And not a single pound was spent. It seems amazing this happened in February, considering all the snow I am currently staring at. Looking forward to being able to it more often.

3. Whittard of Chelsea

Also on half term, we ventured to the local shopping centre for a day of shopping, as the little one finally seems to be outgrowing the 6-7s. I had very recently read on a very popular mums’ forum that the best hot chocolate ever was Whittard’s peanut butter one and it got me curious, so we went in. The regret for never having ventured before was instant. So much delicious looking stuff! We managed to come out with only a pot of hot chocolate (white chocolate + raspberry), some instant tea, a tea infuser and the best green tea ever on the face of the planet earth: passion fruit + mango infusion. Amazing stuff. Can’t wait to go back for the creme brûlée hot chocolate and some more fruity niceness.

4. Coco + Showcase Nantgarw

One of the only let downs of the move so far have been the local Odeon. Expensive, with ridiculously small seats, small aisles, generally cramped all around. I know we were terribly spoilt by Reading Showcase, which had the most amazing reclining seats and was cheaper than the Odeon in Maidenhead. So we decided to make the trip to our most local Showcase, which is in Cardiff and we are glad we did. It’s not a dissimilar distance from us than our old Showcase and, even though it doesn’t have reclining seats *sobs*, it is much more comfortable than the Odeon – people can go past you without you having to get up and there are no elbow issues with the surrounding seats. And the film, what a beautiful, lovely film. Even if the subject is a bit heavy, I just absolutely loved it.

5. Flowers

In the old house, I would always buy flowers for the house from the supermarket when I did my weekly shopping but I had stopped since we moved. Valentine’s Day brought it all back as my lovely husband bought me the most lovely bunch of flowers and when they were gone, I decided to replace them with daffodils. I have to say I was slightly disappointed when they opened and were not yellow but they so are beautiful.

March has already started eventfully, so I am expecting to have a hard time picking 5 next month – and I really hope so! Onwards and upwards! 🙂

Photo sources: Showcase Nantgarw.

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