Five loves ~ January

Since I decided to take my blog back to its original purpose, I have been thinking about features I can have regularly here. So here is my first one: five loves. Once a month, on the last day, I will write about five things I loved about the month just ending. It will help me focus on the good things in life – and good things do happen!

January can be a dreary month, with long nights and all the sparkly Christmas lights gone. For us, it was a return to normality after a completely out of ordinary December. A month to relax, enjoy being a family, rest. We didn’t go look at any houses at all (though I am keeping my eye on rightmove and zoopla). As I look back to the month just finishing, these were five of my favourite things *sang to the tune of Julie Andrews 😀 *:

1. Going back to normality

Well, I know I have already mentioned it, but it’s good to go back to some sort of routine. L is back at Brownies – I am not yet, but I will be soon! – and gymnastics, the husband is enjoying the much shorter commute and taking the monster to school every morning and I am getting into the swing of writing and watching BBC 1 all day looking for jobs. We are not there yet – L is missing her music and martial arts, I am missing girl guiding and yoga, I don’t husband is missing anything yet – but it almost feels normal now.

2. Our local beach

We knew the beach. We had been there before. But knowing that we can drive 5 minutes (or walk, in summer, as now the path on the field is not really walkable) and be in the most beautiful place is amazing. I drove down there one morning earlier this month, totally intending to put my feet on the Bristol channel, but it was so windy I couldn’t even get close to the sea. It was still wonderful though. And also had to leave my car at the garage last week for its MOT and I took the bus back and – OMG – what a bus ride! I think I will take the bus more often.

3. Sodastream!

I’ve been saying for ages that I wanted one. I saw one on offer at The Range a while ago and told husband I would buy one. He didn’t seem bothered either way – other than offering the odd anecdote about when they had one in the 80s -, but I love fizzy water and felt horribly guilty about buying yet another plastic bottle. Then a couple of weeks ago, Sodastream had an offer on their website, trying to promote the fact that you would be saving thousands of bottles by getting one, so I got sucked into buying one. It looks ages to arrive, as I think the offer was way more successful than anticipated: according to an email I got apologising for the delay in the delivery, apparently 10,000 people bought one. So far, all I have to say is that it was £20 well spent. I got a couple of extra bottles and some syrups as well, so we’ve been enjoying loads of fizzy water and soft drinks. I fully expect that making lemonade will lose its novelty at some point, but right now, I am really liking the availability of sparkling water in my life.

4. Family <3

I know this was part of the point of moving, but I am finding it wonderful to have family nearby. My own family is very close to us via Skype and we talk all the time, but we met my sister-in-law more times in the past month than the whole of the previous year. It’s such a nice thing to be able to just ring them up and say I am cooking something for lunch tomorrow, would they like to come over – no need to plan weeks in advance, travel two hours etc etc. I am really loving it all.

5. iCarly

I know, I know. I really shouldn’t, but L is really into Netflix and Amazon Prime shows, and she found the Nickelodeon stuff. I couldn’t stand Victorious or Sam and Cat – sorry to all Ariana Grande fans out there but annoying! -, but I got really into iCarly. It was very puerile in bits, but it is a show for (older) children, after all. We adopted random dancing for life – even the husband will break out in dance if someone says random dancing! If it’s good enough for Michelle Obama, it’s good enough for us. 😉

Many other lovely things happened, like my ring story – I told it on instagram – but here is my pick. Hoping February will bring many more joyful things!