Back to basics

RESET! And breathe…

Ok, so let’s start all over again (how many time have I written this again?). When I started this blog, I wanted it to be an account of our move: why we wanted to move, the steps we were going to make it happen, tips and inspiration on house hunting, house decor. Instead, it became a dumping ground for all my frustration, with posts so long not even my mother would read if she could read English. So, let’s start again: hi, I am Ana and this is my blog about our house moving adventure.

While I have no intention of re-writing what has already been written – read at your own risk! -, I will focus on writing shorter, more frequent posts about our lives since we have made the move. I will also go back in time occasionally, and talk planning, regrets, things we wish we had known.

Come and join me for this ride – and let me know, is there any thing you would like to know about escaping to the country (#cliché)?