Our selling process (so far)

I have said previously that I had misjudged the market massively and was super scared that we wouldn’t sell. There were two other very similar houses for sale on our estate when ours hit the market in July. Both had been on for ages – one since March, one since May, I think. Both of them had just changed estate agents – neither of which were the same as ours. But we crossed our fingers and hoped that the few differences between our houses would make the difference in our favour: our layout is slightly different and we have a bigger kitchen but slightly smaller lounge than the others, making ours a proper kitchen diner, plus we have two parking spaces right in front of the house. We went for £5k more than both of those, and £5k under the estate agent valuation.

As I said on the estate agent post, the house went live on the 07/07 and straight away we had a viewing booked for the next day – Saturday – and then it all went quiet for a couple of days. We then had a viewing on the Tuesday. Then on the Wednesday we had our first feedback: the first viewer thought our second double bedroom was too small for his son, the second viewers liked it but also viewed one with the small kitchen/big lounge and were going to decide which one they liked best.

The following Saturday we had another viewing, then one on the Friday after that, and another booked for Saturday. I was very very deflated with the lack of viewings to be honest – the estate agent said we would probably get 20-ish (as opposed to the 50+ they were getting the year before!) and I was envisaging this drip drip of one-viewing-a-week for months. Then the estate agent called: Friday viewer wanted a second viewing the next day. We arranged it not to clash with the previously booked Saturday viewer and by the end of that Saturday we had an offer – we said no to the first one but the second one was in the range we had agreed to say yes to.

Now, I was tempted to say no, because this was only 2 weeks + 1 day in, but we had only had 5 viewings in those 2 weeks and I was afraid that, if we said no, they would have walked away and we wouldn’t have another offer, so we accepted it.

It hit us with a mix of relief and panic: we didn’t have solicitors lined up, we hadn’t seen a single house on the other end. (And I have to say I felt a bit sorry for the neighbours too, as they were still on the market at that point – one still is now 🙁 ) The mortgage survey happened shortly after and we got a solicitor that same week as well. All seems to be moving ok at the moment on the sales side – we’ve had the draft contract this week, estate agent has told me that the buyers’ mortgage has been approved and it’s all good to go. They don’t have anything to sell, which makes everything much easier on that side of the chain.

Christmas in the new house is looking likely now!

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