I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want

This is a funny post to write, but I think it needs to be out there and it will help to guide us through the tortuous process of picking a new home. We have an imaginary wish list – we often talk about the must-haves and the thing that we don’t like -, but hasn’t been on ‘paper’ until now.

We have watched enough Location, location, location to know that we might have to compromise when the time comes, unless we win the lottery in the mean time. But if we could afford everything on the list, this is what the house would look like:

  • By the sea
  • At least three bedrooms, with more room for a playroom and two separate studies
  • A big kitchen or space to extend
  • A big garden
  • A utility room so I don’t have to look/stumble at my washing when drying inside 😀
  • Loads of light

Actually, when I look at it, written down like that, it doesn’t seem all that impossible. The tricky bit is the ‘by the sea’ – houses in our price bracket don’t come around often and don’t hang around for too long when they do. But we are happy to drive 10-15 minutes for the sea if everything else is right.

Now, the stuff we would like to avoid:

  • Beams – husband hates them and, whilst I don’t mind much, they generally come in cottagey types, with low ceiling which I very much dislike
  • Artex ceiling – I am generally not phased by challenge, but I really wouldn’t like to move into a house that needs ceiling plastering.

I can’t think what else has been discussed now, but there might be updated posts in the future about this!

(If this was a public blog I would be asking for your wish lists – so if you happen to stumble upon this, please, do share! 🙂 )