A situation misjudged

I have been watching the house market for about 3 years now – though it might be 4. So when we decided to up sticks, we made a decision based on the fact that houses where we live don’t tend to hand around for long, they seem to sell in about 10 days. Or rather seemed. Since the beginning of this year, houses seem to drag themselves. Some have been on the market for months now. I haven’t even had the estate agents in yet and I am already preparing myself to be on the market for years. In my slightly crazy head, daughter will go to university and we will still be on the market.

The thing is, the prices are not coming down. I don’t know what the justification is for the whole thing, I always read that if a house is not selling, the price is wrong – but maybe they are not in a hurry? It must be hard for people relocating within the same area, as prices around here are crazy and only seem to go up. We are lucky in that sense, as we are moving to Wales, we have more room for negotiation, I feel.

All that being said, one of the houses on the estate went up for sale last week and has already sold, so maybe it’s starting to pick up again? And since that one went, another one has gone as well, though this one had been on the market since January – both with the same estate agent, so maybe it’s a good sign. I am swinging between being really hopeful and really scared.

Looking back, maybe we should have sold last year, with all the decorating bits missing, but we can’t go back on the decisions we made based on previous years’ sales, so after reading and reading and researching and working like crazy, we have decided the house is going on the market right after the general election. It’s a daunting prospect, but we are hoping to be celebrating Christmas in our new house. Fingers crossed for us!

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